• An Invitation to Community

    As God has welcomed us, we welcome you.

    With all our differences–

    in age, ability and physical condition,

    in race, cultural background and economic status,

    in sexual orientation, gender identity & family structure–

    God has received each one

    with loving kindness, patience, and joy.

    All that we are together

    and all that we hope to be

    is made more perfect

    as the richness of varied lives

    meets the mystery of God’s unifying Spirit

    and we become the Body of Christ.

  • Pastor’s Pen: April 2, 2014

    Deep down in my box of childhood keepsakes, I discovered my artist’s sketchbook, given to me when I was in kindergarten and fancied myself to be an artist. As I slowly turned the yellowing pages of my sketchbook, I smiled, remembering the many creative and happy hours that I devoted to playing with crayons and… Read more

  • Meet Johnny!

    A large brown male bovine is the feature cover photo on Johnny Wray’s Facebook page. Under it, a thread of comments, including: “Now, that’s a bunch of bull!” and “Actually, that’s a bunch of steer!”  To which Johnny pipes in: “Clyde is magnificent!” Johnny is the owner of High Hope Farm near Cedar Bluff, Missouri,… Read more

  • Pastor’s Pen – March 5, 2014

    At Tuesday night’s Pancakes and Ashes Event, I gorged myself on delicious pancakes with fabulous toppings. Although it was fun, I ate so many pancakes that I almost made myself sick. On top of that, the worship service that followed the supper led us to focus on our personal and corporate sins, our immortality, and… Read more

  • Pastor’s Pen – February 5, 2014

    February 5, 2014 – Personal Invitations Matter Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Sunday morning worship attendance is in decline. Even though this is true across the board with most mainline congregations, including ours, it is worrisome. Perhaps we can blame the weather. Perhaps we can blame secular Sunday activities that compete for… Read more

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